Best Time to See Fall Colors in Flagstaff

Best Time to See Fall Colors in Flagstaff

Everyone wants to know when the best time is to see fall colors in Flagstaff. The fall foliage season typically begins in late September, painting the city beautiful colors that last throughout October. For those willing to venture further south towards Sedona, a treat awaits even into the first half of November, presenting a chance to witness breathtaking foliage. However, to capture the peak of the color-change season, October remains the ideal time to explore the area. It is worth noting that in Arizona, the fall foliage season can extend through November and even trickle into December, offering an extended window to admire nature’s awe-inspiring transformation.

The City of Flagstaff and Discover Flagstaff has a great website called the Leaf-ometer.  The Leaf-ometer is a great tool that shows how far the fall colors have progressed.  In the early fall, the meter will show green on the gauge.  The meter also shows when the leaves begin to turn yellow, golden yellow and red.  By using their website, you will be able to know the perfect time to take a trip to the Flagstaff area.

Find the best locations to see fall colors in Flagstaff or take the Aspen Loop Trail to see all the beautiful trees.

Fall is also the perfect season to attend some events.  At Flagstaff Local Events, our calendar of events has a list of concerts, arts and crafts shows, live entertainment and more.  Bring the family and friends to many of the events that are publicized by the event coordinator.

Check out the weather conditions in Flagstaff all year round.