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The Flagstaff International Film Festival (FIFF) is an annual event that celebrates the power of cinema to inspire and entertain. The festival occurs in August, set against the backdrop of Flagstaff’s breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage. It is a testament to Flagstaff as a vibrant cultural hub, and a must-attend event for anyone passionate about film and storytelling.

From avant-garde dramas to delightful comedies, from captivating animations to gripping science-fiction, FIFF showcases a wide range of themes that resonate with audiences of all interests and backgrounds. Whether you’re a film aficionado or a casual moviegoer, you’ll enjoy the best of independent cinema from local, national, and international filmmakers.

In addition to film screenings, FIFF also hosts Q&A sessions, workshops, and networking events. These events provide festival-goers with an understanding of the filmmaking process and an opportunity to interact with film creators and like-minded enthusiasts.

The Flagstaff International Film Festival champions independent filmmakers and innovative stories, drawing a wide range of films across different genres. It’s a diverse and compelling program of films that reflect the breadth and depth of cinematic storytelling from around the world.

Orpheum Theater is located at 15 W Aspen Ave in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Visit https://www.flagstaffinternationalfilmfestival.com